Astral Foods
Business Overview

Festive, Goldi

Festive and Goldi – These two processing facilities are located in Olifantsfontein (Gauteng) and Standerton (Mpumalanga). Each has its own breeding and hatching operation and processes approximately 3 187 million broilers per week and makes use of a large number of contract growers to rear birds for slaughter. Various well-known consumer brands such as Festive, Goldi and SupaStar are marketed and distributed into the wholesale and retail sectors. Products are supplied to the quick-service restaurant industry most notably Spur and the Famous Brands group (Wimpy, Steers). Meadow Feeds – situated in Randfontein, Delmas and Standerton – supplies poultry feed to the two integrated broiler operations.

Mountain Valley

The Mountain Valley abattoir situated in Camperdown, provides us with a strategic processing presence in KwaZulu-Natal processing 164 000 birds per week. Meadow Feeds situated in Pietermaritzburg supplies feed to Mountain Valley.

County Fair

Located in the Agter-Paarl, County Fair is a fully integrated broiler producer processing 1 044 million birds per week, including the broilers supplied by Tydstroom. The abattoir located in Agter-Paarl supplies birds to a fresh and frozen further processing facility in Epping Industria, Cape Town. A wide range of products is marketed under the County Fair brand. The day-old chicks hatched and placed on County Fair’s grow-out farms are supplied by its in-house breeding operations. Meadow Feeds situated in Paarl supplies all the poultry feed requirements.

National Chicks

Conducts business as an international supplier of day-old chicks and hatching eggs to the Astral Group and to non-integrated independent operations in South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique. Plays a key role in every step in the supply chain, whether from chicken to egg or from egg to chicken.


Sole distributor and supplier of the Ross parent stock to the South African broiler industry. In close association with Aviagen Limited, the global leader in poultry genetics based in Scotland, Ross Poultry Breeders continually develops and implements progressive bio-security and production processes to ensure the delivery of disease-free genetic material to the South African poultry industry.

Meadow Feeds

Acknowledges and supports consumers’ increased awareness and demand for ethical practices leading to safer food and product quality guarantees. This is increasingly relevant to modern agriculture with commercial and emerging farmers demanding the very best in animal feed. The application of world-class technology, production standards in feed safety and production methods ensure that Meadow delivers what farmers require most – good value, safe feed and superior yields.


Offers a diverse range of laboratory analyses to the animal feed industry. Employs the latest instruments and methods to provide the best possible service to its client base.

Outside South Africa

Tiger Chicks

A breeder farm and hatchery producing day-old broiler chicks for the Zambian and future export market. TigerChicks has introduced a new broiler breed, the Lohmann Meat, into the African market. This is the first slow feathering broiler bird to be bred in Africa.

Tiger Animal Feeds

Tiger Animal Feeds has been the leading animal feed supplier in Zambia for more than ten years. Its world-class range of feeds, strong distribution network and on-site nutritional service has greatly contributed to the growth and the profitability of farmers and the establishment of new farmers through training and after-sales support programmes. All products conform to the quality assurance standards of the Zambian Bureau of Standards and are backed by an array of quality assurance systems.


A newly constructed hatchery south of Maputo in Mozambique with a capacity to hatch 67 000 day old broiler chicks per week and a footprint to expand to 158 000 day-old chicks by adding additional incubation equipment. A fully fledged breeder farm is currently under construction and will supply the hatchery with broiler hatching eggs.

National Chicks Swaziland

The only hatchery in Swaziland, producing 340 000 day-old chicks per week for the local market and export.

Meadow Mozambique

A feedmill situated in Maputo that supplies breeder feed to Mozpintos. Meadow Mozambique also supplies animal feed to the external market throughout Mozambique.