Myths / Q&A


1. Introduction

Maize is the largest single component of our chicken diet equal to approximately 55% of a typical broiler ration. We provide a perfectly balanced feed mixture which includes other key ingredients such as fish meal, soya meal, sunflower meal, wheat bran and mineral and vitamin premixes.

2. Background

Maize alone cannot be regarded as a balanced supply of nutrients for any chicken to grow and function in a normal and healthy fashion. Hence, we use a variety of other feed ingredients, in combination with maize, to formulate balanced diets for the various stages of the chicken growth cycle. Typically, commercial broiler chickens will receive up to five different diet formulations during their lifetime.

3. Astral's Standard Practices About 30 different nutrients and combinations of nutrients are routinely included in the specifications of a typical broiler diet. To achieve the required standard, highly trained and specialized poultry nutritionists, use sophisticated computerized software programmes, to determine the nutrient requirements of broiler chickens and formulate the most cost-effective ration from a variety of feed ingredients.

We have technical agreements with several major international companies in the feed and broiler industries that provide the very latest scientific and technical support. Additionally, Astral's investment in a dedicated premix manufacturing plant and an in-house laboratory ensures the quality assurance of ingredients and finished feeds.

Astral's commitment to animal welfare, traceability and feed and food safety, is driven by our application of comprehensive quality assurance systems, including ISO and HACCP.